Our Services

Riveted Partners partners with large enterprises and startups to accelerate and scale health innovation. This list includes most, but not all of our services. For specific requests, please contact us.

Innovation Consulting

  • Ideate and validate consumer demand for new digital products and features
  • Strategize new approaches to business strategy and product development

Experience Strategy and Service Design

  • Assess the efficacy of your digital products with your target audience
  • Redesign digital products and accompanying services to meet needs and habits of the target audience

Content Strategy

  • Leverage content and social media to spark and sustain behavior change
  • Promote products to facilitate customer acquisition

Case Study: Health Plan for You


Health Plan for You was recognized as a finalist in a national app competition sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Our user research uncovered two key pain points: poor financial literacy and transparency for consumers shopping for health insurance. Our market research revealed an opportunity to acquire over 70 million uninsured consumers and better retain dissatisfied customers by developing a SaaS product for safety net hospitals and health systems and large health departments.

We developed design recommendations based on these research insights to incorporate plain language copy, high contrast iconography, and a budget calculator to make the health insurance experience easier for consumers.


Case Study: Iodine


Iodine is a digital health startup that helps consumers make better decisions about their health. By collecting patient-generated data and make the language of health care more consumer-friendly, Iodine helps consumers decide on the right therapy for their needs and remain adherent to therapy.

We informed the strategy for the collection of patient-generated data and shaped the initial product roadmap by developing content strategy that reduced health literacy barriers and preserved the integrity of health data.


Case study: Dev Bootcamp


Dev Bootcamp is the first short-term, immersive bootcamp that transforms beginners into full-stack web developers in 19 weeks (9 weeks remote part-time + 9 weeks on-site full time + 1 week career prep).

Our content development produced a candidate recruitment guide and identify resources for recruitment to: 1) increase the number of diverse applicants and 2) reduce bias in the hiring process as Dev Bootcamp aims to expand from 7 to 13 cities.


Past and Current Clients

Riveted Partners partners with large enterprises and startups to accelerate and scale health innovation. Take a look at our valued clients and contact us if you would like to work together.